A public journal of what I do, in the style of a git repo.

commit 6d53ed on 2023-01-22
built an HTTP file server that supports file uploads and downloads in C
commit 440913 on 2023-01-20
started building a static file server in C
commit 5256a4 on 2023-01-16
published a retrospective on the Blackjack project
commit 58be44 on 2024-01-15
built my first C project: a terminal-based Blackjack game
commit 6ea6e3 on 2024-01-13
learned about network exploits like SYN flooding and TCP/IP RST hijacking
commit 6e7f79 on 2024-01-11
learned about the OSI model and the implementation of the TCP/IP protocol
commit 57ed5f on 2024-01-09
learned the basics of working with network sockets in C
commit 741a25 on 2023-12-26
learned to write (and prevent) memory overflow and format string exploits
commit 68e8be on 2023-12-20
learned the fundamentals of programming in C and debugging with gdb
commit 5ecb3d on 2023-12-11
started reading 'Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition'
commit ab4c16 on 2023-12-03
used vector embeddings to build Readwise Explorer, a web application that shows you related Readwise highlights
commit 5afdb6 on 2023-12-02
learned how to build a retrieval augumented generation AI
commit 398909 on 2023-12-01
found out about vector embeddings
commit 282730 on 2023-12-01
initialize okezie.git